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A bridge and autumnal colour at Colby Woodland Garden, Pembrokeshire

UK woodlands for autumn colour

While we might not to be able to compete with Fall in New England, this small isle of ours still likes to put on a show as the woods and forests begin the long slow decline into winter. Here are some of the top places in the country to drink in the autumn colour, from tiny golden woods to the vast fiery swathes of mixed forestry. I’ve even thrown in a few places that are a bit off the beaten track for those of you who prefer to enjoy the season away from the crowds.

Mulled cider winter warmer

According to most people I know, January is the worst month of the year. The Christmas holidays are long gone, it’s dark, it’s cold and summer still seems like a long way off. Fortunately my birthday at the end of January usually cheers me up, but even if you don’t have presents to look forward to there’s still a way to cure the winter blues (clue: it involves booze).

Blackberries in autumn

Foraged Blackberry Cake

Autumn has well and truly arrived, and the hedgerows around here are dripping with blackberries. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably collected enough to sink a small ship, but fortunately I’ve found an easy (and tasty) way to use them up.