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Winter warmer wassail recipe: Mulled Cider/Perry

According to most people I know, January is the worst month of the year. The Christmas holidays are long gone, it’s dark, it’s cold and summer still seems like a long way off.

Fortunately my birthday at the end of January usually cheers me up, but even if you don’t have presents to look forward to there’s still a way to cure the winter blues (clue: it involves booze).

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Recipe: Foraged Blackberry Cake

Autumn has well and truly arrived, and the hedgerows around here are dripping with blackberries. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably collected enough to sink a small ship, but fortunately I’ve found an easy (and tasty) way to use them up.
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Review: ‘De la Vina’ boots by Teva


If something’s worth reviewing, it’s worth reviewing properly – right? At least that’s my excuse for the fact that I’ve spent the last 6 months thoroughly abusing my De la Vina Low boots (£90) from Teva.

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Horseback Archery

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you want me to wake up pre-8am, the best tactic is to bribe me with ponies. If you then add another quirky sport into the mix I might even be enthusiastic about it – which explains why I was up at the ungodly hour of 5am a few weeks ago so that my lovely co-adventurer Siân and I could drive over to Hertfordshire for a day of Horseback Archery. (Yes it is a thing. Yes it is awesome.)

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Wild Swimming at Warleigh Weir

In celebration of Britain’s annual week of good weather (yep, that’s all we get), Emily and I decided to head up to Warleigh Weir near Bath for a refreshing wild swim. We also became a handy picnic for the local population of horseflies.


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Eight amazing adventures in Pembrokeshire


If you’ve never been to Pembrokeshire, you are definitely missing out. Tucked away in south-west Wales, it has the same sort of beautiful coastline and picturesque little towns as Cornwall, but minus the bustling crowds and sky-high prices. It also happens to be a great spot for a bit of A&E – which in this context means adventure and exploration. Although you never know once I get involved…

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Beach Riding, Pembrokeshire

Nolton Pembrokeshire 1

According to Benjamin Disraeli, ‘a canter is a cure for all evils’. Fortunately I’m not plagued by that many evils at the moment, but I was still glad of a chance to blow away the cobwebs when I went beach riding in Pembrokeshire, courtesy of Nolton Stables (and especially Ace!)

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Plaid Shirt: Finished!


I finally got my plaid shirt all finished, so I took it for a test-ramble. It kept me pretty warm on a distinctly grey and chilly day, although climbing up the massive hill to the woods probably helped too.

More photos under the cut:

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Getting Crafty: Plaid Shirt

Tartan Shirt

Yes this is an outdoor blog, but it’s raining outside, and I don’t currently own any waterproof clothing. So I thought this would be a good chance to have a bit of fun indoors for once (yep, it’s possible!)

Going through my wardrobe recently I realised that the two plaid shirts I own were both pretty ratty, which is probably unsurprising when you consider that I’ve worn them for everything from Duke of Edinburgh expeditions to painting a stable roof. They’re also one of my go-to clothing options when I’m heading out for a leisurely ramble in the countryside. Unfortunately a trawl through the high street failed to turn up any acceptable replacements, so I’m turning to my trusty old friend the sewing machine to make myself a snuggly hiking shirt.

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Countryside Soundtrack

Country Soundtrack
One of my top five favourite things: heading outdoors with an mp3 player, finding a patch of long grass to lie in, and listening to some great music. This is a playlist for being awake early and outside just as the sun rises. For dancing in the woods, finding a shady spot under a tree, paddling in the brook, racing down the hills, and coming back home in the dusk.

These are just my personal favourites, but I’m always looking for new recommendations. What do you like to listen to when you’re out and about?

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