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Interview: Walking from England to Finland with Lauren and Leo of Lllongwalk

When a colleague announces that they’re leaving their job, you don’t generally expect the next words to be ‘to walk to Finland’. But that was exactly what happened back in December when my pal Lauren sat our team down to explain her adventure.

4 months and many trips to Mountain Warehouse later, she and her partner Leo finally set off from Exmouth at the beginning of April. One week in, I took a trip down to Purbeck to join them for a beautifully sunny leg of the walk, and find about more about their epic 1600-mile trip.

lllongwalk tent


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Review: Hydroflask insulated bottle

‘Let’s go on an 8 mile hike around Bath’ said Jenny.

‘It’ll be fun’ said Jenny.

Ok so it wasn’t as bad as all that, but my first time around the Bath Skyline walk did remind me just how damn hilly my home city can be, especially as it was a pretty hot ‘n humid day. Fortunately I’d been sent a shiny Hydroflask to try out – but would it keep my restorative smoothie nice and cold, or would I be left with a load of tepid gloop on my hands? (Possibly literally. I’m a very messy eater).


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Plaid Shirt: Finished!


I finally got my plaid shirt all finished, so I took it for a test-ramble. It kept me pretty warm on a distinctly grey and chilly day, although climbing up the massive hill to the woods probably helped too.

More photos under the cut:

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