Girl in Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor

Hey I’m Immy, currently living in the sticks on the edge of Bath. Around the day job (PR for a conservation charity) I spend as much time as possible outdoors:  foraging for hedgerow fruits, swimming in rivers, running on trails and climbing up rock faces.

Then it starts raining and I head inside to write The Wild Rambler – a blog for anyone interested in odd sports (horseback archery anyone?) travel, crafts, adventures, gear reviews, or who just wants some inspiration to get out exploring.

I’m happy to review products, activities or trips relevant to The Wild Rambler – drop me a line if you’d like to discuss any ideas. I have a lot of interests and take part in a wide range of outdoor activities (with varying levels of success) so the blog covers topics such as:

Sports (everything from rock climbing and hiking to horse riding and archery)
Travel, adventure & short breaks
Weird bits of history and folklore

See you outside!

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